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New Carta di Credito Mastercard Gold on new Current account

Hi all,


I applied online for New Conte account, including Debit card and Credit Card, on 29-04-2021 and my account got activated on 4-5-2021. 

I would like to know more about the credit card collection and activation. I have following questions:

1. Do I need to sign and send any documents especially the contract for Credit Card?  

2. Will I receive Both Debit and Credit Cards together or Do I need to wait more for the Credit Card until my Salary is credited on 05-27-2021?

3. Once I receive the Credit card how can I activate it and how many days it might take?


I would really appreciate the answers. Smiley Felice


Hi @Sachin,

1 No. Because you have requested a credit card at the same time as opening the Orange Current Account.

2 After activating the Orange Current Account, credit your salary or pension with a minimum amount of € 750 and request its activation within 30 days of crediting by privat area.

3 There are no certain timelines. There is no certainty that the card will be activated. Activation takes place after assessment of creditworthiness.

Welcome in Italy and good afternoon